The Friends of Orphan Trust ( FOOT ), is a registered nonprofit trust in Zimbabwe. It was created to provide a community based orphan care program in the Chipinge District of Zimbabwe. FOOT's objectives include linking orphan children with local families, providing food, clothing, school fees and medical care, and promoting youth empowerment through HIV/AIDS education, counseling, skills training, apprenticeship programs, and income generating projects.

Joseph Sibiya, Director of FOOT, outlines the goals of the program as addressing the sense of isolation, discrimination, violence, sexual and child labor exploitation of orphans.

Thirty two children have been sponsored since FOOT's beginning in May, 2008. The director notes that these children have improved in school performance, health and confidence, and they have earned the respect of their communities.

Trace, age 16, says "Now I am counted as a person. I now drink tea in the morning, wear clothes and have school stationery. You gave me love, care, protection and especially support. When I grow up I also want to do what you have shown me." The impact of being sponsored is profound.

For more information on The Friends of Orphan Trust, go to FOOT.